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  • Geographic Area

  • Please list the geographic areas you wish to cover (please be specific; i.e. city, county, state). List all counties/areas in which you are interested.

    Please check our chapter listing page to ensure a chapter does not exist within 30-45 miles of your proposed location, unless you are applying for a diaper bank, in close proximity to an existing chapter.
  • Time Resources

  • It is difficult to predict the amount of time that will be required to operate a successful chapter of Newborns in Need, as it depends on the size and demographics of your geographic chapter area. However, you will find that your commitment of time will have the greatest impact on the success or failure of your chapter. The expectation is that a minimum of 5 hours per week will be required to sustain a successful chapter. This is only an estimate – some weeks may be busier, some may be slower – it depends on you and the particular needs of your area.

    As a Director, there will be paperwork and community involvement. We want to caution you that if you feel you may not have the time to answer NIN phone calls and e-mails, and file all required reports on time (an IRS requirement in order to maintain our nonprofit status) then leading a chapter may not be the right volunteer opportunity for you. You will be required to get involved in your community and grow the mission of Newborns in Need.
  • Financial Resources

  • In addition to the application fee, there will be some out of pocket expenses to support your chapter. We know that those expenses can add up, and we don't want this to be a burden for any chapter director. The application fee is a one-time nonrefundable fee. Chapters are required to do fundraising to support the local needs of the chapter.

    You may find that there will be expenses, such as gas, or initial start-up expenses until you have your first fundraising event. Fundraising for Newborns in Need can be easy and very helpful in offsetting these costs. 10% of all monies raised are a contribution to the total organization and are used to offset required administration costs to insure our non-profit status, including paying for state registrations and annual audit.
  • Space Resources

  • You will likely find in a short amount of time that space will be an issue. Our experience has been that once the Newborns In Need word is out, the baby items begin to pour in. Some consideration should be given as to storage and your personal resources of space. Some chapter coordinators find that they can enlist the help of friends, family, churches and businesses to help in this way. Please be cautioned: Items must be stored in a clean, dry, smoke-free and mildew/mold-free environment. The Chapter Director is also well advised to establish an area to organize the administrative portion of the chapter.
  • Email

  • As a Director, you are required to use a Newborns in Need address that will be provided to you and that you must regularly access. This will be our primary means of contacting you and will be listed on our website. You will be required to keep Newborns in Need National Headquarters advised of any changes to your contact information. Please be advised that chapter directors who do not access their e-mails regularly are subject to closure.
  • Computer

  • Our primary means of communication with you is via e-mail. In addition we have many tools available from a password protected area of our website to help you manage your chapter. In order to take full advantage of our use of the Internet, you must be able to regularly log on to and use the Internet. As a director you are also required to have an e-mail account which allows you to receive and open attachments. An updated version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is also required (available as a free download on the Adobe website).
  • Age Requirement

  • Chapter Directors must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Why do you want to open a Newborns In Need chapter?

  • Please fill out this box explaining why you want to start a chapter and why you think you will be successful. Please include not only emotional reasons for your involvement but what you hope to accomplish. List any special talents or skills that may be of value to the overall organization.
  • Thank You!

  • Thank you so much for your interest in starting a chapter. We know this will be a rewarding and life enriching opportunity.

    Connie Edwards
    Newborns in Need, National President

    Please Note: We only allow one chapter director per chapter. That person will be the main contact with Newborns in Need HQ and responsible for your chapter. You are certainly welcome to have an assistant listed on our web site as an additional contact and helper for your chapter. All correspondence, orders, reports, emails and all other communications are required to be made between the chapter director and HQ only.
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