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New Baby & Nowhere to Turn?

Other than the clothes and blankets the hospital provides, there is no decorated room, no dresser of clothes, no crib or bassinet waiting.

Did You Know?

  • One out of 8 babies born does not survive
  • 28,000 children under age 1 die each year
  • Over 450,000 babies born are born prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation)
  • 1,210 babies are born to teen moms each day
  • 4,400 babies are born into single parent homes each day
  • 2660 babies are born into poverty each day


Woman Holding Baby

Poverty or illness touches the tiniest babies and families become overwhelmed. Imagine that in the midst of the fear, the sadness and a sense of “what do I do”, a nurse, a doctor, a social worker, or a friend touches your shoulder and hands you a basket full of blankets, diapers, and baby clothes.

We pray that no mother has to hold a dying or stillborn baby in her arms, but it happens in hospitals across our country. Families struggle as they want to memorialize their child, but are not prepared for the moment they never anticipated. Newborns in Need provides a grieving family burial and bereavement clothing and keepsake items for the babies that lose their fight for life. The last memory the family will have is of the baby dressed in a beautiful burial layette.

Eight in ten of these teen pregnancies are unintended and Newborns in Need has distributed millions of dollars worth of donated and purchased baby items through dozens of local community-based agencies and organizations.

The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world.  Thirty-four percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 — about 820,000 a year. 
We exist because Newborns in Need, made up of volunteers across the United States, is dedicated to making sure that the teen mom, the stressed family, the mother overwhelmed in sadness is supported in the first moments of the child’s life. The “911” for babies, Newborns In Need is the organization mobilized across the United States to offer baby items to those families who need help.  Raising awareness, opening new chapters, Newborns In Need believes that communities can and will help each other if given the vehicle to do so. Whether crafted with love by the hands of a volunteer or donated by others who understand we need to take care of each other, Newborns In Need has positioned itself as the first response for the baby in crisis.

Our Services:  Volunteers provide our Newborn Immediate Need Kits filled with basic necessities for a newborn during the first few weeks of life.  Collecting needed items such as as baby wash, sleepers, diapers, wipes, thermometers and other necessary items, these items are distributed in the local community.  Talented hands create warm blankets, afghans and quilts to fill the kits, lovingly created by Newborns in Need volunteers.  Sadly, so many communities are without Newborns in Need chapters and we need your help.  Don’t let one baby be cold, wet, hungry or without a safe place to sleep.   Everyday our volunteers work tirelessly to find items to meet the needs of our nation’s babies.  Start a chapter, collect needed items, or donate funds to keep one baby safe and warm.

Why you are needed:  In the United States approximately 2,000 babies are born into poverty each day.  Over 540,000 babies are born prematurely each year and for every 1,000 babies born, 6 babies lose their fight for life.

WE NEED MORE chapters and donations to meet the ever growing needs of these babies.  In 2013 we distributed over 450,000 items and the need continues to soar!

Read a blog post by our National President for SMRT.  SMRT Parenting — Our mission at SMRT is to help parents and caregivers live consciously, simply and be fully present each moment with their child.  http://smrtparenting.com

Why we do this

Hi, my name is T. and on Feb. 15th I gave birth to a 32-week preemie at Fort Sanders in Tennessee.  My son was in Childrens Hospital in Knoxville for little over a month in their NICU.  Your company provided my son a beautiful care package and a pack and play.  I wanted to personaly thank you but was not there when you all dropped off the items.  He is almost 2months old now and still not out of the storm with his health problems, but what you did for him greatly touched my heart and will never be forgotten.  I know the items you gave to him we have used and greatly needed please understand in my eyes what you do for these preemie babies makes you their guardian angels, silently giving them warm love to see them through the rough.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and from my son’s heart too.  God Bless.

And another

“Just wanted to send a thank you note for all you do. Our family was the recipient of one of your precious bags for our foster daughter in April. We had closed our home after finalizing 2 adoptions bringing us to a family of 6. One of our birthmoms delivered again and we had little time to prepare. I’m the advocate for a foster care ministry, and so we had already donated all of our baby things thru that, and we have started from scratch again. It was so special to us to find such loving and thoughtful items and to know that others had also prayed and loved our this new precious life. Everything was just precious and so useful. It was so nice to have some necessities as we settled in with our 5th! God bless you for all you do.”  –This was a note written to our East Tennessee chapter on June 12, 2014.

Names are removed to protect privacy