The Birth of Newborns in Need

Newborns In Need was created on July 7, 1992, by Carol Green. Carol first discovered the need when she attended a quilting club meeting in the early summer of 1992. She read in an Arizona-based sewing magazine that some needy newborns that died would be buried in paper sacks or discarded with medical waste, simply because no one had the money or resources to provide burial clothing. The others at the quilting club meeting thought that the article was inaccurate, but she was dismayed at the thought and had to know the truth. She contacted the woman who made the statement and she confirmed the shocking truth. She then called hospitals in her area, and discovered that they also faced the same problem — no burial clothing for needy children.

Carole and Richard, Newborns in Need Founders
In 1992, Carol & Richard Green founded Newborns In Need in Houston, Missouri.

Carol enlisted her friends, and soon they were turning out burial wear so no baby would be treated without dignity. Her husband then pointed out that there were living, needy children that also needed clothes. Soon Carol and her friends were producing those clothes too – baby gowns, hats, blankets, sleepers, isolette covers and other baby essentials. From one woman’s outrage at the treatment of a deceased baby, and the encouragement and support of her husband, Richard, Newborns In Need was launched. Carol would smile when she would give credit to Richard for coming up with the organization’s name.

In 2007, Carol and Richard decided to retire from Newborns In Need and contacted a volunteer who had the same passion for babies. Connie Edwards was that volunteer. Connie started the first North Carolina Chapter but in 2001, due to the requirements of a full-time job and family, Connie turned her chapter over to someone she could trust to continue her heart’s work. Never imagining that the organization she loved would be under her fulltime care, she received a phone call many years later from Richard Green. After a lot of prayers and tears of uncertainty, and finally with a fierce sense of determination, Connie accepted the challenge of taking Carol and Richard’s love for babies into the future.

Connie with her miracle baby boy, born at 32 weeks. He is her inspiration for all she does for Newborns In Need.
Connie with her miracle baby boy, born at 32 weeks. He is her inspiration for all she does for Newborns In Need.

On September 9, 2007, Newborns In Need was firmly established in Pfafftown, North Carolina. Under Connie’s direction, it has grown to over 55 chapters across the United States. And it’s still growing! NIN has expanded its role in the communities that it serves. Not only does NIN provide burial clothes for those precious babies that need them, NIN also provides other bereavement and memorial items to give comfort to those grieving families. NIN works with NICU’s and nurseries (and other organizations) across the country to see how it can help accommodate some of the special needs that they may have in caring for the little ones they see.

Yes, Connie took the challenge. She has made her mark on Newborns In Need and maintains her enthusiasm for NIN’s future. She still continues to nurture the organization that Carol and Richard started in a small town in Houston, Missouri.