Knitting Patterns

Newborns in Need needs knitted or crocheted booties, toys, and blankets.

We generally have a lot of hats at any given time because they are so easy and quick to make but we appreciate them! We don’t get as many donations of booties, toys, or blankets and we could really use those as well.

Angel’s Pocket, Knitted
Knitted version of Angel’s Pocket.

Baby Set (fits 4-5 lb baby)
Hat, booties, and sweater to fit a 4-5 lb baby.

Booties 2
Knitted baby booties.

Flamingo toy pattern.

Georgie Giraffe
Knitted giraffe toy pattern by RedHeart.

Hop Along Bunny
Adorable knitting bunny toy pattern.

NICU Petal Hat
These are great if the baby has a lot of monitors and such attached to their tiny head.  The sides can be unfastened for easy access and to accommodate the tubes, etc.

Premature Baby Set
Premature baby set:  Hat, booties, and sweater.

Tiny Elf
Tutorial for a cute tiny elf.

Toy Turtle
Turtle knitting pattern.

Ventilator Bonnet w/Flap
Ventilator bonnet with a flap that is used for scanning.