Newborns in Need asks you to support our work saving all God’s children.

What Can Your Donation Do for a Baby? Here’s what:

  • $10 – buys flannel for five receiving blanks, bibs and burp cloths
  • $25 – fills a cloth tote bag with body and bath care items, blankets and basic sleepwear
  • $35 – provides a starter kit of newborn diapers, soap and baby wipes for 6 newborns
  • $50 – provides baby wash, wipes, a quilt, and a weeks worth of infant formula
  • $75 – provides clothing, diapers, formula, baby hygiene products, fleece blankets and a soft toy
  • $100 – provides a safe, isolated sleeping area to prevent the dangerous practice of co-sleeping with a newborn baby
  • $500 – provides 3 newborn babies with all the basic essentials they need to have a safe, secure start