Be a Newborns in Need Volunteer

  • Do you want to do something that has a direct impact on someone’s life?
  • Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity that will utilize your leadership skills?
  • Do you enjoy sewing, knitting, crocheting, and/or handcrafting items?
  • Are you willing and able to make a difference in your community by donating your time and/or other talents to further a charitable cause?
  • Or if carving out extra time to volunteer proves difficult, are you able and willing to make a donation?

Newborns in Need is a volunteer organization that focuses on providing babies needed essentials during the first days of life.  NIN will support older babies as the need arises, but we believe in giving a new baby everything for a secure start in life.

Many of our chapters may also provide bereavement items such as burial gowns/pouches, blanket, booties, memorial keepsakes, etc.  Having this available is a great comfort to those grieving the loss of their baby.

How You Can Support Newborns In Need

  • If you have an old (but clean) wedding dress or prom dress you want to part with, consider donating that to NIN. We can use the fabric from them to make burial gowns and bonnets/hats.
  • Donate handmade or store-bought baby items. See our wish list here.
  • Be a NIN “bag lady.” We are always in need of diaper bags for the Essentials Kit. Would you be willing to sew one (or more) for your local chapter?
    There are a few diaper bag patterns referenced on our pattern page.
  • Purchase tshirts, tote bags, etc. from our online store.
Help Newborns in Need
Help Newborns in Need
Help Newborns in Need

Kids Can Help, Too!

Teaching children and young adults the value in doing for others is great way to encourage compassionate service in later years. Newborns in Need offers many opportunities for children to get involved in caring for our little ones.

  • From birthday parties that collect newborn items, to Girl Scout and Boy Scout collection drives, there is no effort that is not appreciated by NIN and those we serve.
  • High schools require community service and Newborns in Need provides a great way to make a difference.
  • College fraternity and sororities have embraced NIN by holding fundraisers and diapers drives to support our mission.
  • If your child is very young, counting and writing the number of diapers collected can be a volunteer and a teaching opportunity. Delivering your child’s donations together creates a memory that is not forgotten.